Helmuth Neuberger

Helmuth is the CEO of Neuberger & Hughes. In 1991, Helmuth, together with Ryan Hughes, founded Neuberger & Hughes GmbH (N&H). N&H GmbH developed communication systems for UNIX. In 1992, Neuberger & Hughes started working with LINUX. Since 1994, LINUX has been the base of all new commercial products of N&H. Earlier, Helmuth studied business (management and logistics) at the Fachhochschule Nuertingen. He completed his studies in 1995, earning a Diplom Betriebswirt (FH). Helmuth Neuberger was at the board of the LIVE Linux-Verband. Helmuth was Co-founder and at the board of Sliceware Inc. in Portland OR. Helmuth is also CEO of Zarafa Deutschland GmbH.

Ryan Hughes

Ryan is the Chief Architect of product development at Neuberger & Hughes. Ryan was co-founder of Neuberger & Hughes GmbH. He led the N&H effort to develop Linux-based messaging and groupware servers for Internet communication. Ryan was the technologist of Neuberger & Hughes GmbH since the start at 1991. He is a recognized expert in Python and web-based products. Ryan is also the developer of WorldPilot, a complete web-based Personal Information Manager and Messaging Server. Ryan has a Dipl. Ing. degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Stuttgart. Ryan was Co-founder and Chief Architect of Sliceware Inc. in Portland OR. Ryan is responsible for the Open-Source development at Zarafa NL.

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